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digiwiser is committed to providing professional digital services to your brand’s culture, core values & distinction. We take a strategic approach to creating unique brand identities by working with the industry’s best designers. We create perfect designs that speak for themselves.

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Logo Design
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Logo Design

Create your brand identity with a great logo

A logo will act as a foundation for your brand. Every company needs a logo before diving into the business world. With an eye-catching logo, your brand will have its own identity that will attract potential customers. At TheDigiwiser, we ensure that we design a logo that will communicate your brand message and values to everyone effectively.

Premium Quality Logo Design Solution

We Help Organizations To Have
Result-oriented Custom Solutions For Their Businesses.

Iconic Logo Design

More exciting than text-only logos and faster to visually comprehend than more illustrative logos, iconic logos implement simplified graphics and symbols to express an aspect of your company or product. Iconic logo design is the perfect balance between text and illustration.

Iconic Logo Design
Iconic Logo Design
Iconic Logo Design
Iconic Logo Design

3D Animated Logo

Eye-catching 3D animations will shed a new creative light on your brand’s identity and is suitable for online channels or brand intro/outros. 3D animated logos are a great way to grab your audience’s attention and bring your expression to life.

2D Animated Logo

Smooth, quick, and satisfying, 2D animated logos are on the rise and for good reason. Offering more area to showcase your brand’s identity, 2D animated logos not only look appealing but they also effectively grab the user’s attention.

Typographic logo

The first impression of your brand is often determined by your logo. Having a unique and appealing font will give your brand a fresh new look and appeal. Typographic logos greatly affect the perception of customers looking at the brand.

Symbolic Logo

Creatively illustrated symbols add a flair of modernity and minimalism to your brand’s identity. A symbolic logo design abstractly represents your business by using a symbol and only contains imagery that portray what your organization is all about.

Illustrative Logo

Illustrative logos understand the concept of your brand by portraying them in a unique and enticing manner. Illustrations are often self-contained enough to be effective as standalone designs and must also complement the text.

Iconic Logo Design
Iconic Logo Design
Iconic Logo Design
Iconic Logo Design

Our Recent Projects

Are you looking for design inspiration? Browse our portfolio to see our creative grind.

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